Key Publications: Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee

Key Publications

1: Wang BA, Veismann M, Banerjee A†, Pleger B† (2023) Human orbitofrontal cortex signals decision outcomes to sensory cortex during behavioural adaptations. Nature Communications 14. †Corresponding author.

2: Gigliucci V, Teutsch J, Busnelli M, Chini B, and Banerjee A† (2022) Circuit-specific rescue of KCC2 by rhIGF-1 and oxytocin in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. Cerebral Cortex 13:2885-2894. †Corresponding author.

3: Banerjee A†, Parente G, Teutsch J, Lewis C, Voigt FF and Helmchen F (2020) Value-guided remapping of sensory cortex by lateral orbitofrontal cortex. Nature 585:245-250. †Corresponding author. This paper was awarded the ‘Best Paper of the Year Award 2020’ by Society for Neuroeconomics.

4: Banerjee A†, Rikhye RV, and Marblestone A (2021) Reinforcement-driven learning in the neocortex: Emerging computational concepts. Current Opinion in Behavioural Sciences. 38:133–140. Editors: Angela Langdon and Geoff Schoenbaum. †Corresponding author.

5: Banerjee A, Miller M, Li K, Sur M and Kaufmann W (2019) Towards a better diagnosis and treatment of Rett syndrome: A model synaptic disorder. Brain 2:239-248.

6: Banerjee A, Rikhye RV, Breton-Provencher V, Tang X, Li C, Li K, Runyan C, Fu Z, Jaenisch R, and Sur M (2016) Jointly reduced inhibition and excitation underlies circuit-wide changes in cortical processing in Rett Syndrome. PNAS 113(46):E7287-E7296.

7: Swiech L*, Heidenreich M*, Banerjee A, Habib N, Sur M and Zhang F (2014) In vivo interrogation of gene function in the mammalian brain using Cas9. Nature Biotechnology, 33:102-106.

8: Banerjee A, Meredith RM, Rodríguez-Moreno A, Mierau SB, Auberson YP and Paulsen O. (2009) Double Dissociation of Spike Timing-Dependent Potentiation and Depression by Subunit-Preferring NMDA Receptor Antagonists in Mouse Barrel Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 19: 2959-2969.