Key Publications: Ali Jawaid

Ali Jawaid

Key Publications

1: Jawaid A, Gomolka M, Timmer A. Neuroscience of trauma and Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nature Human Behaviour. 2022;6:748-749. Media coverage: The Daily Express, Tech Register, Daily Star Post, Big World Tale, Business Mayor, Termedia, The Am-Pole Eagle

2: Gobbi S, Plomecka MB, Ashraf Z, Radziński P, Neckels R, Lazzeri S, Dedić A, Bakalović A, Hrustić L, Skórko B,  Es haghi S, Almazidou K, Rodríguez-Pino L, Jabeen H, Alp AB, Waller V, Shibli D, Behman AB, Arshad AH, Barańczuk – Turska Z, Haq Z, Qureshi SU, Jawaid Worsening of pre-existing psychiatric conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2020;11:581426. Media coverage: Polytika Poland, 20minuten, MSN Germany, Blick am abend, Wirtualna Polska

3: Jawaid A, Jehle KL, Mansuy IM. Impact of parental exposure on offspring health in humans. Trends in Genetics. 2021;37:373-388. Media coverage: The Scientist

4: van Steenwyk G*, Gapp K*, Jawaid A, Germain PL, Manuela F, Tanwar DK, Zamboni N, Gaur N, Miska EA, Manusy IM. Nuclear receptor signaling in the communication between the blood and the germ-line for epigenetic inheritance. EMBO Journal. 2020: e104579.Media coverage: IFLS, Technology News

5: Jawaid A, Khan RA, Polymenidou M, Schulz Disease-modifying effect of metabolic disorders in ALS/FTLD. Molecular Neurodegeneration. 2018;13:63.

6: Jawaid A, Woldemichael BT, Kremer EA, Gaur N, LaFerriere F, Polymenidou M, Mansuy Memory decline and its reversal in aging and neurodegeneration involve miR-183/96/182 biogenesis. Molecular Neurobiology. 2018;56:3451-62.

7: Paolicelli R, Jawaid A, Valeri A, Henstridge C, Merlini M, Robsinson JL, Lee EB, Appel S, Spires-Jones T, Lee VM, Trojanowski JQ, Schulz PE, Rajendran L. TDP-43 depletion in microglia promotes amyloid clearance but also induces synapse loss. Neuron. 2017;95:297-308. Media coverage: Science Daily

8: Woldemichael BT*,  Jawaid  A*,  Kremer  EA,  Gaur  N,  Krol  J,  Marchais  A,  Mansuy    The  microRNAs  cluster miR-183/96/182  contributes  to  long-term  memory  in  a  protein  phosphatase  1-dependent  manner. Nature Communications. 2016;7:12594. *(Equal contribution)

9: Gapp K, Jawaid A, Sarkies P, Bohacek J, Pelczar P, Prados J, Farinelli, Miska  E, Mansuy IM. Implication of sperm RNAs in transgenerational inheritance of the effects of early trauma in mice. Nature Neuroscience. 2014;17:667-9. Media coverage: Science Daily, IFLS, BBC, Science

10: Jawaid A, Salamone AR, Strutt AM, Murthy SB, Wheaton M, McDowell EJ, Simpson E, Appel SH, York MK, Schulz    ALS disease onset may occur later in patients with Diabetes Mellitus.  European Journal of Neurology. 2010;17:733-9.