Key Publications: Anna Beyeler

Anna Beyeler

Key Publications

1 : Beyeler A**, Ju A Chagraoui A, Cuvelle L, Teixeira M, Di Giovanni G**, De Deurwaerdère P. Multiple facets of serotonergic modulation. Progress in Brain Research, in press.

2: Ju A, Fernandez-Arroyo B, Wu Y, Jacky D, Beyeler A**. Expression of serotonin 1A and 2A receptors in molecular- and projection-defined neurons of the mouse insular cortex. Molecular Brain 2020

3: Zhao Z,..9 authors.., Beyeler A,..3 authors.., Marsicano G. A Novel Cortical Mechanism for Top Down Control of Water Intake. Current Biology 2020

4: Daviu N, Bruchas MR, Moghaddam B, Sandi C, Beyeler A**. Neurobiological links between stress and anxiety, Neurobiology of Stress 2019

5: Beyeler A**. Do antidepressants restore lost synapses? Science 2019 (commentary)

6: Pignatelli M. & Beyeler A**. Valence coding in amygdala circuits. Current Op. in Behavioral Sci. 2019

7: Allsop SA,..6 authors.., Beyeler A,..13 authors.., Tye KM. Observational learning requires cortico amygdala transfer of socially-derived information. Cell 2018

8: Beyeler A** ,..5 authors..,, Tye KM**. Organization of valence-encoding and projection-defined Neurons in the basolateral amygdala. Cell Reports 2018

9: Beyeler A*, Namburi P*,..6 authors.., Tye KM. Divergent routing of positive and negative information from the amygdala during memory retrieval. Neuron 2016

10: Namburi P*, Beyeler A*,..10 authors.., Tye KM. A circuit mechanism for differentiating positive and negative associations. Nature 2015

*equally contributing / **corresponding author/s