Key Publications: Céline Gillebert

Céline Gillebert

Key Publications

1: Zokaei*, N.,  Gillebert*, C.R., Chauvin, J.J., Gresch, D., Board, A.G., Rolinski, M., Hu, M.T., & Nobre, A.C. (2021) Temporal orienting in Parkinson’s disease. European Journal of Neuroscience. *Shared first author

2: Wang, T., Peeters, R., Mantini, D., & Gillebert, C.R. (2021) Modulating the interhemispheric activity balance in the intraparietal sulcus using real-time fMRI neurofeedback: development and proof-of-concept. Neuroimage: Clinical.

3: Huygelier, H., Schraepen, B., van Ee, R., Vanden Abeele, V., & Gillebert, C.R. (2019). Acceptance of immersive head-mounted virtual reality in older adults. Scientific Reports, 9, 4519.

4: Varjacic, A., Mantini, D., Levenstein, J., Demeyere#, N., & Gillebert#, C.R. (2018). The role of the left insula in executive set-switching: Lesion evidence from an acute stroke cohort. Cortex, 107:92-101. (#Joint last author)

5: Wang, T., Mantini, D., & Gillebert, C.R. (2018). The potential of real-time fMRI neurofeedback for stroke rehabilitation: a systematic review. Cortex, 107:148-165.

6: Gillebert, C.R., Humphreys, G.W., and Mantini, D. (2014). Automated delineation of stroke lesions using brain CT images. Neuroimage:Clinical, 4:540-548.

7: Gillebert, C.R. and Mantini, D. (2013). Functional connectivity in the normal and injured brain. The Neuroscientist, 19:509-522.

8: Gillebert, C.R., Dyrholm, M., Vangkilde, S., Kyllingsbæk, S., Peeters, R., and Vandenberghe, R. (2012). Attentional priorities and access to short-term memory: Parietal interactions. NeuroImage, 62:1551-1562. 

9: Gillebert, C.R., Mantini, D., Thijs, V., Sunaert, S., Dupont, P., and Vandenberghe, R. (2011). Lesion evidence for the critical role of the intraparietal sulcus in spatial attention. Brain, 134:1694-1709. 

10: Gillebert, C.R., Op de Beeck, H.P., Panis, S., and Wagemans, J. (2009). Subordinate categorization enhances the neural selectivity in human object-selective cortex for fine shape differences. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 21:1054-1064.