Key Publications: Flavio Donato

Flavio Donato

Key Publications

1: Donato F, “Assembling the brain from deep within”. Science. 2017 Oct; 358(6362):456-7.

2: Donato F, Jacobsen RI, Moser M-B, Moser EI, “Stellate cells drive the maturation of the entorhinal-hippocampal circuit”. Science 2017 Mar 17; 355 (6330).

3: Donato F*, Chowdhury A*, Lahr M, Caroni P, “Early and late-born parvalbumin basket cells subpopulations exhibiting distinct regulations and roles in learning”. Neuron 2015 Feb;85(4):770-86.

4: Donato F, Rompani SB, Caroni P, “Parvalbumin-expressing basket-cell network plasticity induced by experience regulates adult learning”. Nature 2013 Dec 12; 504(7479):272-6.

5: Ruediger S*, Spirig D*, Donato F* and Caroni P, “Goal-oriented searching mediated by ventral hippocampus in trial-and-error learning”. Nature Neuroscience. 2012 Sep 23;15(11):1563-71.

6: Degouchi Y*, Donato F*, Galimberti I*, Cabuy E and Caroni P, “Temporally matched subpopulations of selectively interconnected principal neurons in the hippocampus”. Nature Neuroscience. 2011 Apr 14(4):495-504.