Key Publications: Jaime de la Rocha

Jaime de la Rocha

Key Publications

1: D. Jercog, A. Roxin, P. Bartho, A. Luczak, A. Compte* and J. de la Rocha*. UP/DOWN cortical dynamics reflect stochastic transitions in a bi-stable network. eLife 6, e22425. 2015. (* co-last).

2: K. Wimmer, A. Compte, A. Roxin, D. Peixoto, A. Renart and J. de la Rocha. Sensory integration dynamics in a hierarchical network explains choice probabilities in cortical area MT. Nature Communications 6:6177, 2015.

3: G. Mochol, A. Hermoso-Mendizabal, S. Sakata, K. Harris and J. de la Rocha. Stochastic transitions into silence cause noise correlations in cortical circuits. PNAS: 201410509, 2015.

4: A. Renart*, J. de la Rocha*, P. Bartho, L. Hollender, N. Parga, A. Reyes and KD. Harris. The asynchronous state in cortical circuits. Science 327: 587- 590, 2010. (*co-first).

5: J. de la Rocha, C. Marchetti, M. Schiff and A. Reyes. Linking the response properties of cells in auditory cortex with network architecture: co-tuning vs. lateral inhibition. J. Neurosci. 28: 9151-9163, 2008.

6: J. de la Rocha*, B. Doiron*, E. Shea-Brown, K. Josic and A. Reyes. Correlation between neural spikes trains increases with firing rate. Nature  448: 802-806, 2007. (*co-first)