Key Publications: Joseph M. Barnby


Key Publications

1: Barnby, J. M., Bell, V., Deeley, Q., Mehta, M., & Moutoussis, M. (2023). D2/D3 dopamine supports the precision of mental state inferences and self-relevance of joint social outcomes. bioRxiv, 2023-05.

2: Moutoussis, M., Barnby, J. M., Durant, A., Croal, M., Rutledge, R., & Mason, L. (2023). The role of serotonin and of perceived social differences in infering the motivation of others. bioRxiv, 2023-05.

3: Barnby, J. M., Haslbeck, J. M., Rosen, C., & Harrow, M. (2023; In Review, Psychiatry Research). Modelling the Longitudinal Dynamics of Paranoia in Psychosis: A Temporal Network Analysis Over 20 Years. Preprint:

4: Barnby, J. M., Park, S., Baxter, T., Rosen, C., Brugger, P., & Alderson-Day, B. (2023). The Felt Presence experience: From cognition to the clinic. The Lancet Psychiatry.

5: Barnby, J. M., Dayan, P., & Bell, V. (2023). Formalising social representation to explain psychiatric symptoms. Trends in Cognitive Sciences,

6: Barnby, J. M., Mehta, M. A., & Moutoussis, M. (2022). The computational relationship between reinforcement learning, social inference, and paranoia. PLOS Computational Biology18(7), e1010326.

7: Barnby, J.M., Dean, R., Burgess, H., Kim, J., Teunisse, A.K., MacKenzie, L., Robinson, G., Dayan, P., Richards, L.J. (2022) Increased persuadability and credulity in people with corpus callosum dysgensis.

8: Barnby, J.M., Raihani, N., Dayan, P. (2022) Knowing me, knowing you: Interpersonal similarity increases predictive accuracy and reduces attributions of harmful intent. Cognition, 105098.

9: Hampshire, A., Trender, W., Chamberlain, S., Jolly, A., Grant, J. E., Patrick, F., … Barnby, J., Hellyer, P., & Mehta, M. A. (2021). Cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from COVID-19. EClinicalMedicine, 101044. DOI:

10: Barnby, J.M., Deeley, Q., Bell, V., Mehta., M.A., (2020) Dopamine manipulations modulate paranoid social inferences. Translational Psychiatry, 10(214).