Key Publications: Julijana Gjorgjieva

Julijana Gjorgjieva

Key Publications

1: M. E. Wosniack, J. H. Kirchner, L.-Y. Chao, N. Zabouri, C. Lohmann and J. Gjorgjieva (2021). Adaptation of spontaneous activity in the developing visual cortex. eLife, 10:e61619.

2: P. P. Maldonado, A. Nuno-Perez, J. Kirchner, E. Hammock, J. Gjorgjieva and C. Lohmann (2020). Oxytocin shapes spontaneous activity patterns in the developing visual cortex by activating somatostatin interneurons. Current Biology 31(2), 322-333. e5.

3: Y. Wu, K. B. Hengen, G. G. Turrigiano and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Homeostatic mechanisms regulate distinct aspects of cortical circuit dynamics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117(39):24514-24525.

4: L. Montangie, C. Miehl and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Autonomous emergence of connectivity assemblies via spike triplet interactions. PLoS Computational Biology 16(5): e1007835.

5: S. Onasch and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Circuit stability to perturbations reveals hidden variability in the balance of intrinsic and synaptic conductances. Journal of Neuroscience  40(16):3186–3202.

6: R. E. Field, J. A. D’amour, R. Tremblay, C. Miehl, B. Rudy, J. Gjorgjieva and R. C. Froemke (2020). Heterosynaptic plasticity determines the set-point for cortical excitatory-inhibitory balance. Neuron 106:842-854.e4.

7: J. Gjorgjieva, M. Meister and H. Sompolinsky (2019). Functional diversity among sensory neurons from efficient coding principles. PLoS Computational Biology 15(11): e1007476.

8: L. M. A. Richter and J. Gjorgjieva (2022). A circuit mechanism for independent modulation of excitatory and inhibitory firing rates after sensory deprivation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 119 (32) e2116895119 
9: A. Schulz*, C. Miehl*, M. J. Berry II and J. Gjorgjieva (2021). The generation of cortical novelty responses through inhibitory plasticity. eLife 10, e65309. (* equal contribution)

10: J. H. Kirchner and J. Gjorgjieva (2021). Emergence of local and global synaptic organization on cortical dendrites. Nature Communications 12, 4005.