Key Publications: Lisa Genzel

Lisa Genzel

Key Publications
1: Genzel L, Rossato J, Jacobse J, Grieves R, Spooner P, Battaglia F, Fernandez G, Morris RGM (2017) The ying and yang of consolidation: hippocampal and cortical  PLoS Biol.15: e2000531 

2: Genzel L, Dresler M, Cornu M, Jäger E, Konrad B, Adamczyk M, Friess E, Steiger A, Czisch M, Goya-Maldonado R, (2015) Medial prefrontal-hippocampal connectivity and motor memory consolidation in depression and schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry; 77(2):177-86 

 3: Navarro-Lobato, I., Aleman-Zapata, A., Samanta, A., Bogers, M., Narayanan, S., Rayan, A., Alonso, A., van der Meij, J., Khamassi, M., Khan, Z., & Genzel, L. (2023). Learning Fast and Slow: Increased cortical plasticity leads to memory interference and enhanced hippocampal-cortical interactions. Elife(BioRxiv), 2022.2011.2021.517356. doi:10.1101/2022.11.21.517356 

 4: Aleman Zapata A, Morris RGM, Genzel L (2022) Fast and slow cortical high frequency oscillations for cortico-cortical and cortico-hippocampal network consolidation during NonREM sleep PNAS (bioRxiv, doi:

 5: Samanta, A., L. S. van Rongen, J. I. Rossato, J. Jacobse, R. Schoenfeld and Genzel L (2021). Sleep leads to system-wide neural changes independent of allo- and egocentric spatial training in humans and rats. Cerebral Cortex (bioRxiv 2020.2012.2019.423580)  

6: Alonso A, Bokeria L, van der Meij J, Samanta A, Eichler R, Spooner P, Navarro Lobato I, Genzel L (2021) The HexMaze: A previous knowledge and schema task for mice eneuro (bioRxiv 2020 441048) 

7: Genzel L, Schut E, Schroeder T, Eichler R,… (2019) The Object Space Task for mice and rats  PlosBiology (bioRxiv, 198382 2017) 
8: Alonso A., van der Meij J., Tse D. & Genzel L. (2020) Naïve to expert: Considering the role of previous knowledge in memory Brain and Neuroscience Advances  
9: Duszkiewicz AJ, McNamara CG, Takeuchi T, Genzel L. (2019) Novelty and Dopaminergic Modulation of Memory Persistence: A Tale of Two Systems. Trends Neurosci.42(2):102-114.  

Genzel L, Kroes MC, Dresler M, Battaglia FP. (2014) Light sleep versus slow wave sleep in memory consolidation: a question of global versus local processes? Trends Neurosci.; 37(1):10-9