Key Publications: Lucia Prieto-Godino

Lucia Prieto-Godino

Key Publications

1: Chagas AM§, Prieto-Godino LL, Arrenberg AB and Baden T§. The 100 euro lab: A 3-D printable open source platform for fluorescence microscopy, optogenetics and accurate temperature control during behaviour of zebrafish, Drosophila And C. elegans (2017). PLoS Biology, 15 (7): e2002702

2: Prieto-Godino LL, Rytz R, Cruchet S, Bargeton B, Abuin L, Silbering AF, Ruta V, Dal Peraro M, and Benton R§. Evolution of acid-sensing olfactory circuits in drosophilids (2017). Neuron, 93(3):661-676

3: Prieto-Godino LL, Rytz R., Bargeton B., Abuin L., Arguello JR, Dal Peraro, M, and Benton, R§:. Olfactory receptor pseudo-pseudogenes (2016). Nature, 539 (7627):93-97

4: Baden T§, Chagas AM, Gage G, Marzullo T, Prieto-Godino LL, Euler T. Open labware: 3D print your own equipment. (2015). PLoS Biology,13(3): e1002086

5: Yusuf S§, Baden T, Prieto-Godino LL. Bridging the Gap: establishing the necessary Infrastructure and knowledge for teaching and research in neuroscience in Africa (2014). Metabolic brain disease,29(2): 217-220

6: Prieto-Godino LL§. Fly larvae explore the world without a brain (2013). Journal of Experimental Biology, 216 (5).

7: Prieto-Godino LL§, Diegelmann S, Bate M. Embryonic origin of olfactory circuitry in Drosophila: contact and activity-mediated interaction pattern connectivity in the antennal lobe (2012). PLoS Biology,10(10): e1001400

8: Das A, Gupta T, Davla S, Prieto-Godino LL, Diegelmann S, Venkateswara, VijayRaghavan K, Reichert H, Lovick J, and Hartenstein V§. Neuroblast lineage-specific origin of primary interneuron diversity in the larval olfactory system of Drosophila melanogaster (2012). Developmental Biology, 373 (2): 322-37

9: Cognigni P*, Denholm D*, Fabre C*, Gu W*, Linneweber W*, Prieto-Godino LL*, Pulver S*, Urbancic V*, Zwart M*, Miguel-Aliaga I. Why flies? Inexpensive public engagement exercises to explain the value of basic biomedical research on Drosophila melanogaster (2011). Advances in Phyisiology Education, 35(4), 384–392

10: Prieto-Godino LL§, de Polavieja GG. Brain activity at 70–80 Hz changes during olfactory stimulation protocols in Drosophila (2011). PLoS One, 5(9): e12867