Key Publications: Marta Zlatic

Marta Zlatic

Key Publications

1: Eichler K., Li F. Kumar A. L., Andrade I., Schneider-Mizell C., Saumweber T., Huser A., Gerber, B., Fetter R. D., Truman J. W., Abbott L. F., Thum A.*, Zlatic, M.*, and Cardona A.* (2017) The complete connectome of a learning and memory centre in an insect brain. Nature. 548(7666):175-182. doi: 10.1038/nature23455.

2: Jovanic T., Schneider-Mizell, C., Shao M., Masson J.-B., Denisov G., Fetter R. D., Truman J. W., Cardona, A. and Zlatic M. (2016) Competitive disinhibition in early sensory processing mediates behavioral choice and sequences in Drosophila. Cell, 167: 1-13.

3: Ohyama T., Schneider-Mizell, C., Fetter, R. D., Valdez-Aleman J., Francoville R., Rivera Alba M., Mensh, B., Simpson, J. H., Branson, K., Truman, J. W., Cardona, A.* and Zlatic M.* (2015): Multilevel multimodal integration enhances action selection. Nature 520: 633-639.

4: Vogelstein J. T., Park Y., Ohyama T., Kerr R. A., Truman J. W., Priebe C. E.* and Zlatic M.* (2014): Discovery of brain-wide neural-behavior maps via multiscale unsupervised structure learning. Science 344(6182): 386-92.

5: Saumweber T., Rohwedder A., Schleyer M., Eichler K., Chen Y.C., Aso Y., Cardona A., Eschbach C., Kobler O., Voigt A., Durairaja A., Mancini N., Zlatic M., Truman J.W., Thum A.S., Gerber B. (2018) Functional architecture of reward learning in mushroom body extrinsic neurons of larval Drosophila. Nat Commun. 2018 Mar 16;9(1):1104. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-03130-1.

6: Takagi S., Cocanougher B. T., Niki S., Miyamoto D., Kohsaka H., Kazama H., Fetter R. D., Truman J. W., Zlatic M., Cardona A., Nose A. (2017) Divergent Connectivity of Homologous Command-like Neurons Mediates Segment-Specific Touch Responses in Drosophila. Neuron 96 (6), 1373-1387. e6 doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.10.030

7: Fosque B. F., Sun Y., Dana H., Yang C., Ohyama T., Tadross M. R., Zlatic M., Svoboda K., Kim D. S., Ahrens M. B., Jayaraman V., Looger L. and Schreiter E. (2015). Labeling of active neural circuits in vivo with designed calcium integrators. Science 347(6223): 755-60.

8: Ohyama T., Jovanic T., Denisov G., Dang T. C., Hoffmann D., Kerr R. A., Zlatic M. (2013): High-throughput analysis of stimulus-evoked behaviors in Drosophila larva reveals multiple modality-specific escape strategies. PLoS One 8(8):e71706

9: Zlatic M., Li F., Strigini M. and Bate C.M. (2009): Coordinate positional cues in the Drosophila nervous system: Semaphorins guide axon growth and termination in the dorso-ventral axis. PloS Biol. 2009 7(6):e1000135.

10: Zlatic M., Landgraf M. and Bate C.M. (2003): Genetic specification of axonal arbors: atonal regulates robo3 to position terminal branches in the Drosophila nervous system. Neuron 37(1): 41-51.