Key Publications: Sami El Boustani

Sami El Boustani

Key Publications

1: G. Matteucci, M. Guyoton, J.M. Mayrhofer, M. Auffret, G. Foustoukos, C.C.H. Petersen & S. El-Boustani, Cortical sensory processing across motivational states during goal-directed behavior, Neuron 110(24) : 4176-4193 (2022)

2: S. El-Boustani*, B.S. Sermet*, G. Foustoukos, T. Oram, O. Yizhar & C.C.H. Petersen, Anatomically and functionally distinct thalamocortical inputs to primary and secondary mouse whisker somatosensory cortices, Nature Communications 11, 3342 (2020)

3: J.M. Mayrhofer*, S. El-Boustani*, G. Foustoukos*, M.P. Auffret, K. Tamura & C.C.H. Petersen, Distinct contributions of whisker sensory cortex and tongue-jaw motor cortex in a goal-directed sensorimotor transformation, Neuron 103:1-10 (2019)

4: S. El-Boustani*, J. P.K. Ip*, V. Breton-Provencher, H. Okuno, H. Bito, M. Sur, Locally coordinated synaptic plasticity shapes cell-wide plasticity of visual cortex neurons in vivo, Science, 6395:1349-1354 (2018)

5: S. El-Boustani & M. Sur, Response-dependent dynamics of cell-specific inhibition in cortical networks in vivo, Nature Communications, 5:5689 doi: 10.1038/ncomms6689 (2014)

6: L. Estebanez*, S. El-Boustani*, A. Destexhe & D. Shulz, Correlated input reveals coexisting coding schemes in a sensory cortex, Nature Neuroscience 15 : 1691-1699 (2012)

7: S. El-Boustani*, P. Yger*, Y. Frégnac & A. Destexhe, Stable learning in stochastic network states, Journal of Neuroscience 32(1) : 194-214 (2012)

8: S. El-Boustani*, O. Marre*, S. Béhuret, P. Baudot, P. Yger, T. Bal, A. Destexhe & Y. Frégnac, Network-state modulation of power-law frequency-scaling in visual cortical neurons, PLoS Computational Biology 5(9) : e1000519 (2009)

9: O. Marre*, S. El-Boustani*, Y. Frégnac & A. Destexhe, Prediction of spatio-temporal patterns of neural activity from pairwise correlations, Physical Review Letters 102(13) : 138101 (2009)

10: S. El-Boustani & A. Destexhe, A master equation formalism for macroscopic modeling of asynchronous irregular activity states, Neural Computation 21(1) : 46-100 (2009)