Key Publications: Thomas McWilliams

Thomas McWilliams

Key Publications

1: McWilliams TG*, Prescott AR, Montava-Garriga L, Brooks SP, Singh F, Barini E, Muqit MM and Ganley IG* (2018a) Basal mitophagy occurs independently of PINK1 in mouse tissues of high metabolic demand. Cell Metabolism Feb 06; 27(2): 439-449. *Corresponding Authors

2: McWilliams TG* et al., (+28 Authors) Ganley IG, Suomalainen A, Muqit MMK* (2018b). Phosphorylation of Parkin at Serine65 is essential for its activation in vivo. Open Biology. Nov 8:180108. *Corresponding Authors

3: McWilliams TG, Prescott AR, Allen GFG, Tamjar J, Munson MJ, Muqit MMK and Ganley IG (2016) mito-QC illuminates mitophagy and mitochondrial architecture in vivo. The Journal of Cell Biology Aug 1;214(3):333-45.

4: McWilliams TG, Prescott AR, Villarejo-Zori B, Ball G, Boya P, Ganley IG (2019). A comparative map of macroautophagy and mitophagy in the vertebrate eye. Autophagy 15 (7): 1296–1308.

5: McWilliams TG, Howard L, Wyatt S and Davies AM (2015). Regulation of autocrine signaling in subsets of sympathetic neurons has regional effects on tissue innervation. Cell Reports Mar 10; 10 (9): 1443–1449.

6: Howard L, McWilliams TG, Wyatt S and Davies AM (2015).CD40 forward signalling is a physiological regulator of early sensory axon growth. Development 146, 18

7: Suomi F & McWilliams TG* (2019). Autophagy in the nervous system: a primer for neuroscientists.  Neuronal Signaling 3 (3): NS20180134. *Senior & Corresponding Author

8: Hjerpe R, Bett JS, Keuss MJ, Solovyova A, McWilliams TG, Johnson C, Sahu I, Varghese J, Wood N, Wightman M, Osborne G, Bates GP, Glickman MH, Trost M, Knebel A, Marchesi F, Kurz T (2016) UBQLN2 connects the proteasome with the HSP70 system to promote autophagy-independent protein aggregate clearance. Cell Aug 11; 166(4): 935–949.