Key Publications: Tomás Ryan

Tomás Ryan

Key Publications

1: Queenan BN*, Ryan TJ*, Gazzaniga M, Gallistel RG. (2017) In search of lost time: The hunt for the substrate of memory. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: The Year in Cognitive Science May;1396(1):108-125

2: McQueen J*, Ryan TJ*, McKay S, Marwick K, Baxter P, Carpanini SM, Wishart TM, Gillingwater TH, Manson JC, Wyllie DJA, Grant SGN, McColl BW, Komiyama NH, Hardingham GE. (2017) Pro-death NMDA receptor signaling is promoted by the GluN2B C-terminus independently of Dapk1. Elife Jul 21;6. *Joint first author

3: Frank RA, Komiyama NH, Ryan TJ, Zhu F, Grant SG. (2016) Native NMDA receptors are selectively partitioned into complexes and supercomplexes during synapse maturation. Nature Communications, Apr, 7:11264

4: Poo MM, Pignatelli M, Ryan TJ, Tonegawa S, Bonhoeffer T, Martin KC, Rudenko A, Tsai LH, Tsien RW, Fishell G, Mullins C, Gonçalves JT, Shtrahman M, Johnston ST, Gage FH, Dan Y, Long J, Buzsáki G, Stevens C (2016) What is memory? The present state of the engram. BMC Biology, May 19:14(1):40

5: Roy DS, Arons A, Mitchell T, Pignatelli M, Ryan TJ, Tonegawa S. (2016) Memory retrieval by activating engram cells in mouse models of early Alzheimer’s disease. Nature, Mar 24, 531(7595):508-12

6: Ryan TJ*, Roy DS*, Pignatelli M*, Arons A, Tonegawa S. (2015) Engram cells retain memory under retrograde amnesia. Science, May 29, 348(6238):1007-13 *Joint first author

7: Ramirez S, Liu X, Lin PA, Suh J, Pignatelli M, Redondo RL, Ryan TJ, Tonegawa S. (2013) Creation of a false memory in the hippocampus. Science, July 26, 341(6144):387-91

8: Ryan TJ, Kopanitsa MV, Indersmitten T, Nithianantharajah J, Afinowi NO, Pettit C, Stanford LE, Sprengel R, Saksida LM, Bussey TJ, O’Dell TJ, Grant SG, Komiyama NH. (2012) Evolution of GluN2A/B cytoplasmic domains diversified vertebrate synaptic plasticity and behavior. Nature Neuroscience, Jan 16, (1):25-32

9: Martel MA, Ryan TJ, Bell KF, Fowler JH, McMahon A, Al-Mubarak B, Komiyama NH, Horsburgh K, Kind PC, Grant SG, Wyllie DJ, Hardingham GE. (2012) The subtype of GluN2 C-terminal domain determines the response to excitotoxic insults. Neuron, May 10, 74(3):543-56

10: Ryan TJ, Grant SG. (2009) The origin and evolution of synapses. (2009). Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Oct 10, (10):701-12

* joint lead author