Key Publications: Jakob Macke

Jakob Macke

Key Publications

1: V Djurdjevic, A Ansuini, D Bertolini, JH Macke, D Zoccolan: Accuracy of rats in discriminating visual objects is explained by the complexity of their perceptual strategy, Current Biology, 2018

2: JM Lueckmann, JH Macke, H Nienborg, Can serial dependencies in choices and neural activity explain choice probabilities?, Journal of Neuroscience, 2225-17, 02 2018

3: A Speiser, J Ye, E Archer, S Turaga, JH Macke: Fast amortized inference of neural activity from calcium imaging data with variational autoencoders, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 12 2017

4: JM Lueckmann, P Goncalves, G Bassetto, K Oecal, M Nonnenmacher, JH Macke: Flexible statistical inference for mechanistic models of neural dynamics, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 12 2017

5: M Nonnenmacher, C Behrens, P Berens, M Bethge, JH Macke, Signatures of criticality arise from random subsampling in simple population models, PLoS Computational Biology, 10 2017

6: I Fründ, FA Wichmann, JH Macke: Quantifying the effect of inter-trial dependence on perceptual decisions. Journal of Vision, 14 (7), 06 2014

7: R Haefner, S Gerwinn, JH Macke, M Bethge: Inferring decoding strategies from choice probabilities in the presence of correlated variability. Nature Neuroscience 16(2), 235–242, 01 2013

8: JH Macke, L Buesing, JP Cunningham, BM Yu, KV Shenoy, M Sahani: Empirical models of spiking in neural populations. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Curran Associates Inc., 2011

9: JH Macke, M Opper, M Bethge: Common input explains higher-order correlations and entropy in a simple model of neural population activity. Physical Review Letters 106, 208102, 05 2011

10: JH Macke, P Berens, AS Ecker, AS Tolias and M Bethge: Generating Spike Trains with Specified Correlation Coefficients. Neural Computation 21(2), 397-423, 02 2009