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Applications for the 2018-22 selection of 15 FENS-Kavli Scholars

Next call for FENS-Kavli Scholars will be launched in the spring of 2020

In the years when the FENS Forum takes place a call for applications for FENS-Kavli Scholars is launched (around mid-February in the even years).
The FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence (FKNE) consists of 30 Scholars; they serve two terms of 2 years (4 years in total). Every two years up to 15 new Scholars are selected, and 15 – end their mandate/rotate off, becoming FKNE Alumni.

Application Procedure

• Only candidates who have independent PI positions in a FENS member country are eligible;

• Candidates are encouraged to apply directly;

• Additionally, each FENS member society may nominate up to two candidates. These do not have to be members of the nominating society. Gender balance is encouraged;

• In all cases, the application should be supported by two letters from internationally renowned neuroscientists; 

• All applications and nominations should be submitted via the online application form.



May 10th, 2018
deadline for applications
23:00 Brussels time
May 18th, 2018
deadline for letters of recommendations from referees
16:00 - Brussels time
July 5th, 2018
Skype interview
maximum 20-minute
July 7th, 2018
outcome of selection procedure
prior the FENS Forum 2018
July 9th, 2018
business meeting of the FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence
with newly selected FENS-Kavli Scholars

The 2018 Selection Committee

Megan Carey – FKNE Chair
Gaia Novarino – FKNE Vice-Chair
Carmen SandiFENS President-Elect
Thomas Mrsic-FlogelFENS Forum 2018 Program Committee Chair
Panayiota PoiraziFormer FKNE Chair
Filippo Del Bene – FKNE Scholar
Patrik Verstreken – FKNE Scholar
Tim Vogels – FKNE Scholar

Past Selection Committees

The 2016 Selection Committee

Panayiota Poirazi – FKNE Chair 
Ileana Hanganu-Opatz – FKNE Scholar 
Asya Rolls – FKNE Scholar 
Emre Yaksi – FKNE Scholar
Barry Everitt – FENS President-Elect 

Rui M. Costa – FENS Forum 2016 Program Committee Chair
Marian JoëlsFENS Past President


The 2014 Selection Committee

Monica Di Luca – FENS President
Marian JoëlsFENS Past President
Marianne Amalric – FENS Secretary General
Juan Lerma – FENS Secretary General-Elect
Patrick Verstreken – mid-career neuroscientist